Health Warning and Disclaimer

Effective Date: November 1, 2021



Please read this Health Warning and Disclaimer carefully. 

  1. The SANSEGO Services Do Not Constitute Medical Advice or Healthcare Advice.
    Although SANSEGO provides its products and services with your health and safety in mind, each individual has their own limitations and it is critical that you consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider for necessary medical or appropriate care, follow all safety and other instructions provided by SANSEGO, and obtain appropriate authorization before accessing or using any SANSEGO Services, especially if you are prone to injuries, are pregnant or nursing, or have any other unique or special medical conditions. ALL SANSEGO SERVICES ARE PROVIDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE ANY MEDICAL OR HEALTHCARE CONDITION, REPLACE THE ADVICE OF A LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL, OR PROVIDE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE, OPINION, DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT OR GUARANTEE. The information made available on or through SANSEGO Services should not be relied upon when making medical or other important healthcare decisions. ANY SANSEGO COACHES OR INDIVIDUALS CERTIFIED BY SANSEGO IN ANY SANSEGO PRODUCTS OR SERVICES ARE NOT FUNCTIONING IN ANY CLINCIAL OR LICENSED MEDICAL CAPACITY; SUCH INDIVIDUALS ARE SOLELY PROVIDING INFORMATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL SELF-HELP RESOURCES. THEREFORE IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN OR LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROVIDER – AND NOT SANSEGO, SANSEGO COACHES OR ANY INDIVIDUAL CERTIFIED BY SANSEGO – IN CONNECTION WITH YOUR MEDICAL OR HEALTH CONDITION. YOUR USE OF ANY SANSEGO SERVICES OR PRODUCTS DOES NOT CREATE A DOCTOR-PATIENT, PROFESSIONAL-CLIENT, OR SIMILAR RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND SANSEGO OR YOU AND ANY PERSON CERTIFIED THROUGH SANSEGO.Individual results using SANSEGO Services and Products may vary. Consistent exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain improved performance. The testimonials featured on our websites may have used more than one SANSEGO product or service, or extended the program to achieve their successful results.
  2. Nutrition Information.
    Certain SANSEGO Services, such as nutrition plans provided with our training programs, and access to live chats with our nutrition coaches, provide nutrition, food, caloric and other related information designed to help our customers reach their health and performance goals. While any nutrition information we may provide is designed to safely align with our related training programs, you must consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider (AND NOT SANSEGO OR ANY SANSEGO COACH) before beginning any nutrition plan or altering your dietary regimen, especially if you have any unique or special medical needs or conditions, such as food allergies, dietary restrictions or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. The SANSEGO Services are not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a medical problem, or a nutritional deficiency or dietetic condition, you should consult your medical doctor or nutritionist, as appropriate.
  3. SANSEGO Coaches.
    SANSEGO Coaches are independent third-party distributors of the SANSEGO Services and are responsible for conducting themselves and maintaining their independent businesses in compliance with, among other things, SANSEGO’s policies and procedures and applicable laws. Due to their independent contractor status, you acknowledge and agree that SANSEGO is not responsible or liable for any acts or omissions of any SANSEGO Coaches, including through any statements or communications (verbal, electronic or otherwise), images or other conduct, and whether made within or through any SANSEGO Services, social media, in person, or otherwise. We encourage you to report any inappropriate conduct by any SANSEGO Coach to SANSEGO at [email protected]
  4. Metrics and Data Are Estimates Only.
    Please remember that any metrics and data presented or displayed on or within the SANSEGO Services are estimates only and may be inaccurate. This includes without limitation training zone data, and equipment-related values, such as heart rate, cadence, resistance and any other related values. You must only use such metrics, data and values for general reference only and always consult your physician or other licensed healthcare provider for necessary or appropriate care and advice.
  5. Safety Warnings.
    SANSEGO provides safety warnings, along with care and use instructions for certain exercises, equipment, products and services. You must always carefully read and follow all such warnings and instructions prior to beginning any exercise, or use of any equipment, products or services. Failure to read and follow any applicable warnings and instructions could result in serious injury and/or death to you and others.
  6. Assumption of Risk.
    You expressly acknowledge and agree that your access, use or involvement with any SANSEGO Services (including without limitation, training, nutritional, and equipment), independent SANSEGO Coaches, or individuals certified by SANSEGO in any SANSEGO products or services may involve potentially dangerous and physical activities that may lead to personal and/or bodily injury, death, temporary or permanent disability, loss of services, loss of consortium, or damage to or loss of property or privacy. You hereby acknowledge and willingly accept these risks and agree to unconditionally release and hold SANSEGO harmless from and against all claims, suits, damages, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses or liability arising out of or related to your access, use and/or involvement with any SANSEGO Services.
  7. Your Representations and Warranties as a Member.
    In using the SANSEGO products and services, you affirm that either (A) all of the following statements are true: (i) no physician has ever informed you that you have a heart condition or that you should only do physical activities recommended by a physician; (ii) you have never felt chest painwhen engaging in physical activity; (iii) you have not experienced chest pain when not engaged in physical activity at any time within the past several months; (iv) you have never lost your balance because of dizziness and you have never lost consciousness; (v) you do not have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity; (vi) your physician is not currently prescribing drugs for your blood pressure or heart condition; (vii) you do not have a history of high blood pressure, and no one in your immediate family has a history of high blood pressure or heart problems; and (viii) you do not know of any other reason you should not exercise or, if applicable, engage in intermittent fasting or other dieting, including without limitation pregnancy; or (B) your physician has specifically approved of your use of the SANSEGO products and services.

Contact Information. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this Health Warning and Disclaimer you may contact us [email protected]

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