We all want to get stronger and faster in the off-season.  If you're in the northern hemisphere, then you're probably spending lots of time on the indoor trainer.

To help make your indoor training more productive, I've created Crowie's Stronger By Springtime, a 6-week training program available exclusively on Zwift.


Each week I'll be hosting 3 workouts on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Plus on most days these sessions will be repeated at a different time, led by Jenny Fletcher and Jesper Svensson, both are extraordinary Sansego coaches and elite triathletes.

The Workouts
Each workout is modeled after the very sessions I did when I was racing.  Join as many as you can to make real improvements in your cycling strength and endurance.

I'll give you tips and suggestions to make the most of each session.  Plus (during the easy parts!) I'll answer your questions live about triathlon training and racing.


The Cycling Kit
As a thank you for riding with us, you'll have the opportunity to get one of our cool Sansego kits (I'm particularly proud of these, partly because I helped design them!)

In-Game: All participants who complete a Stronger By Springtime workout receive a free Sansego Tri Club kit in-game on Zwift.  

IRL: Thanks to my partners at Reāl Endurance, you can also purchase our Sansego kit -- or one of their other classic designs -- in real life at an incredible discount.  Check out the details here.

Let's Ride!

My Stronger By Springtime training program is a lot of fun, and it's guaranteed to help lay the foundation for a successful race season by improving your strength and endurance.

I hope you'll join us.